Smoking Guns and Smoking Housewives

luann-de-lesseps-smokingSo I’m fascinated that the New York Housewives are starting to let it all hang out, smoking-wise, these days.

I live in a world where absolutely no-one smokes, even at parties, even at bars. But I was a heavy-duty smoker for years. I used to stay up until three am, writing, smoking and drinking coffee. I smoked at parties. I smoked to wake up. I smoked to relax. It almost killed me to quit.

That’s the kind of smoker I was. I wonder what kind of smokers these ladies are. I feel like Jules is one of those only-sneak-a-cig a few times a week ladies. Frankly, I envy her. If I could do that, I’d still be sneaking a cig. But For me, one puff and I go buy a carton.

But what about Luanne? She seems more the full-ashtray-by-the-nighstand type. That throaty voice of hers didn’t come out of nowhere. But how does she do it? How does she film all day without a smoke? I know I couldn’t have done it. I would have never been about to keep my composure under stressful situations without a smoke break. And how does her skin look so amazing if she is a full-on huffer?


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